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ASC will provide you with a portfolio of securities tailored toward appreciation in the domestic and international stock markets with the aim to accommodate for future inflation and prevent the loss of purchasing power.  ASC does not provide financial planning or estate planning.  ASC’s wealth planning is about investments in the stock markets so that the client’s assets appreciate over time to preserve future purchasing power and combat inflation.



Investment philosophy.  ASC generally employs a long-term investment strategy for its Clients which is to be consistent with their financial goals.  ASC will typically hold all or a portion of a security for more than a year, but the Advisor may hold the securities in the portfolio for shorter periods for the purpose of rebalancing a portfolio or meeting the cash needs of Clients.  At times, ASC may also buy and sell positions that are more short-term in nature depending on the goals of the client and/or the fundamentals of the security, sector, asset class, or the current or upcoming United States and global economic conditions.


Investing Involves Risk.  Investing in securities involves risk of loss, and Clients should be prepared to bear that risk.  Past performance does not guarantee future returns.  Like any investment strategy, investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs involves material risks.  Such material risks are described in further detail below.

Investing for the long term means that Client’s account will be exposed to short-term fluctuations in the market and the behavioral impulse to make trading decisions based on such short-term market fluctuations.  ASC does not condone short-term trading to “time” the market, and instead encourages the Clients to remain committed to their financial goals.  However, investing for the long term can expose Clients to risks borne out of changes to interest rates, inflation, general economic conditions, market cycles, geopolitical changes, and regulatory changes.

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Asset allocation.  ASC will develop a tactical asset allocation that is targeted to meet the investment objectives, time horizon, financial situation, and risk tolerance for each client.  Tactical asset allocation is different from the traditional strategic asset allocation.  A tactical asset allocation requires active management to meet the changes in the conditions of the United States and global economies.  Asset allocation that is best for a portfolio will generally include a highly diversified “non-correlated” domestic and international stocks, ETFs,  and other equity and bond securities from the United States and other countries.   The stock and equity funds’ blend will include small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap companies.

As Finance Professionals, ASC offers advise that is tailored to your best interest, and we maintain a fiduciary relationship with our clients.  ASC is a registered/licensed investment advisor in California.  We don’t sell securities and we don’t broker any transactions.  We make sure that there will be no conflict of interest when we provide advice.  For example, we do not receive any sales or commissions from any entity, and we do pay any referral fees to anyone who refers new clients to us.  We only operate for your best interest.