ASC is a conservative asset manager, and we consider the possibilities of market crashes at all times.

This is done, for example, by hedging a client’s portfolio with certain investments in metals like gold, and this depends on certain factors like the current economic cycle and what type of market we are in.  Historically, the markets have recuperated over time from their past crashes.

ASC primarily operates on long-term value asset management investment strategy.

We research and identify stocks though fundamental analysis and other means, and we invest in securities that are mostly priced below their real market, intrinsic, or book value.  In other words, we look for the potential to profit from buying stocks low and sell them high in future.

ASC will establish a highly diversified portfolio of securities for you just like a professionally managed mutual fund.

 Such a portfolio of securities earns a good return for a lower level of risk whereby such diversified portfolio has a blend of stocks, exchange-traded-funds (ETFs), bonds, other commodities like gold. Diversification protects the portfolio because different securities behave differently to daily economic events.

ASC’s business relationship with you will be both professional and personal.

While we maintain a professional relationship with you, you will be treated at a personal level because it is the individual relationship matters as well.   We will be reaching out to you to maintain both professional and personal relationship.

ASC has expertise in economics, security investments, security fundamental analysis, emerging markets, macroeconomics, money and banking, and politics.

ASC uses fundamental analysis to evaluate a security’s intrinsic value by examining related economic and financial factors to understand if a security is being sold at a price significantly below what is assumed to be its intrinsic value, or the security is overvalued.  Depending on the market’s and economic conditions, it may be advisable to sell an overvalued security and purchase a security at the right price.

In addition, ASC incorporates subjective analysis based on non-quantifiable factors such as a company’s management expertise, industry cycles, and strength of research and development.  Qualitative analysis is used to examine a company’s operations and evaluate its potential for an investment.

Where in most brokerage houses you will be dealing with stockbrokers and sellers of mutual funds and other products who may be more interested in closing a deal with you in the short-term …

 ASC is an investment advisor registered in the state of California, and we will be watching your portfolio like a hawk day-in and day-out for a very long time.

ASC and its personnel seek to maintain the highest level of business professionalism, honesty, integrity, ethics, morality, disclosures, and fiduciary duty to you and your assets.

ASC’s fiduciary obligations is to act in your best interest and place your interest first ahead of our interest.  ASC endeavors always to put your interests first as part of our fiduciary duty.

ASC strives to eliminate conflict of interests.

Where in many large financial organizations, there are various intercompany transactions which may lead to conflict of interests for their clients, neither ASC nor any of its managers and officers have any material relationship or arrangement with any municipal securities dealer, investment company, pooled investment vehicle, mutual fund, closed-end investment company, unit investment trust, hedge fund, futures commission merchant, commodity pool operator, commodity trading adviser, pension consultant, and sponsor or syndicator of limited partnerships.

ASC Operates Independently.

 ASC is independently operated and owned and has no affiliations or relationship with any broker-dealer, investment advisor, or any other financial organization, and there will be no conflict of interest in custodian recommendation and selection.  ASC’s practice and policy for the selection of the broker-dealer for your account is solely based on factors that seem to be to your best interest.