1.  The Adviser’s annual fee for investment management services provided under this Agreement shall be a percentage (%) of the net value of the Assets under management in accordance with the fee schedule set forth in Section 2 of this Schedule A.

2.  Investment Supervisory Services Fee Schedule. The Advisor shall receive an annualized Allocation Fee on each account.  The Allocation Fee shall be calculated based on the following fee schedule:

Account Value Annualized Asset
Allocation Fee
Quarterly Asset
Allocation Fee
Account Set-up Fee
Retirement or Trust
Account Set-up Fee
$250,000 or Less 2.00% 0.5000% $250 $2,000
$250,001 – $499,999 1.75% 0.4375% $500 $2,000
$500,000 – $749,999 1.50% 0.3750% $750 $2,000
$750,000 – $999,999 1.25% 0.3125% $1,000 $2,000
$1,000,000 – $2,499,999 1.10% 0.2750% $1,500 $2,000
$2,500,000 – $4,999,999 1.05% 0.2625% $2,000 $2,000
$5,000,000 or More 1.00% 0.2500% $2,000 $2,000

3.  Investment Supervisory Services Flat Rate Fee. The Allocation Fee shall be billed at a flat rate. For example, if the Account value is $500,001, then the entire Account will be billed at 1.50%.

4.  Portfolio Management Services Hourly Rate.

If the parties agree that the Advisor will provide Client Portfolio Management Services, this will be on an hourly basis, and the hourly rate will not exceed $300 per hour billed in arrears.  This hourly rate is not negotiable.  ASC may also provide services at a reduced rate or free of charge for certain clients (such as family members).

This Advisor’s fee is exclusive of, and in addition to, brokerage commissions, transaction fees, and other related costs and expenses, which may be incurred by the Client.  However, the Advisor will not receive any portion of these commissions, fees, and costs.

5.  Set-up Fee. The setup fee for a retirement account is $2,000 and for a non-retirement account varies from $250 to $2,000 depending on the total assets under management.  This set-up fee helps to cover the initial analysis for Client’s financial circumstances and producing Client’s Investment Objectives and asset allocation.   This set-up fee is due to be paid at the time of signing of this investment advisory Agreement.

6.  Investment Supervisory (Portfolio Management for Individuals and/or Small Businesses) Asset Allocation Fee Calculation. The Allocation Fee will be calculated and paid to the Advisor each calendar quarter in arrears.  Partial periods shall be prorated. The Allocation Fee calculation will use the value of the account at the end of the quarter (or the end of the applicable period, if prorated). For example, the Allocation Fee for the first quarter (Winter) will be calculated and deducted from the account during the month of April, based on the value of the account at the end of March.

7.  Value of the Assets. For purposes of this Schedule A, the value of the Assets shall be the sum of the fair market value of all Assets, including cash and accrued interest, in the Account. Equity securities listed or traded on a national securities exchange or quoted on the over-the-counter market are valued at the last sales price on the day of valuation or, if no sale price is reported, at the last bid price. Other assets and securities for which market quotations are not readily available are valued at fair market value as determined in good faith by the Advisor.

8.  The Advisor is authorized to invoice the Custodian directly and deduct from the Assets its Allocation Fee. The Client agrees to instruct the Custodian to pay such fee directly to the Advisor.

9.  Schedule A Amendments. The Client understands and agrees that the Advisor may amend this Schedule A on thirty (30) days’ notice to the Client.

10.  The Client acknowledges that the Allocation Fee due to the Advisor shall cover the Advisor’s services under this Agreement. The Client acknowledges that the following expenses, each of which is the Client’s sole responsibility, are not covered by the Allocation Fee due to the Advisor: (a) Brokerage commissions and other Account transaction charges for the Account;  (b) Custody charges for custody of Assets in the Account; and  (c) Any advisory and other fees and expenses described in the investment company prospectuses for investment company securities in the Account that are paid by such investment companies but are ultimately borne by the investor.

11.  Other Fees and Expenses

The Advisor’s fee is exclusive of, and in addition to, brokerage commissions, transaction fees, and other related costs and expenses, which may be incurred by the Client.  However, the Advisor will not receive any portion of these commissions, fees, and costs.

The fees described above typically do not include custodian fees.  Clients pay all brokerage transaction charges, stock transfer fees, and/or other similar charges incurred in connection with security from the assets in the account.  These charges are in addition to the fees that the Client pays to the Advisor.

In addition, any mutual fund shares held in Client’s account may be subject to deferred sales charges, 12b-1 fees, early redemption fees, and other fund-related expenses.  The fund’s prospectus fully describes the fees and expenses.  Mutual funds and ETFs (“Funds”) pay advisory fees to their investment managers, which are indirectly charged to all shareholders of the Funds.  Consequently, Clients with such Funds in their accounts are effectively paying the third-party investment adviser of the Funds for the management of their Funds’ assets.  Hence, all fees paid to third-party investment advisers of the Funds for investment advisory services are separate and distinct from the fees charged by ASC.  The total fees charged by both ASC and third-party investment advisers will not exceed 3% of the assets under management per year.