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ASC generally employs a long-term investment strategy for its Clients which is to be consistent with their financial goals.  The Advisor will typically hold all or a portion of a security for more than a year, but the Advisor may hold the securities in the portfolio for shorter periods for the purpose of rebalancing a portfolio or meeting the cash needs of Clients.  At times, the Advisor may also buy and sell positions that are more short-term in nature depending on the goals of the Client and/or the fundamentals of the security, sector, asset class, or the current or upcoming United States and global economic conditions.

ASC’s general investment strategy is to seek real capital growth proportionate with the level of risk the Client is willing to take.  Each Client’s portfolio is treated uniquely.  ASC meets with Clients to understand their investment objectives and financial status.  We assist and advise the Client to determine the Asset allocation based on their investment objectives.  We provide ongoing monitoring.

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