We strive to provide the best financial services in the world’s market.

Managing individual’s money requires investments in stocks and other funds with long-term goals in mind.


ASC is a fiduciary to our clients and their assets.  As a fiduciary, we maintain the highest level of care and interest for our clients and their assets which are under our management.  This fiduciary extends to all suitable recommendations advice that we provide to our clients.  We have our clients’ best interest in mind.  When managing your assets, ASC acts on your behalf with utmost honesty and integrity whether you are an individual or a business.


As Finance Professionals, ASC offers advise that is tailored to your best interest, and we maintain a fiduciary relationship with our clients.  ASC is a registered/licensed investment advisor in California.  We don’t sell securities and we don’t broker any transactions.  We make sure that there will be no conflict of interest when we provide advice.  For example, we do not receive any sales or commissions from any entity, and we do pay any referral fees to anyone who refers new clients to us.  We only operate for your best interest.

Excellent Service

In the event that ASC’s services will include or be limited to monitoring, analysis, and reporting of the performance of certain or all investments in your account, ASC, in this capacity, may recommend changes, provide you with reports or other information, and periodically review the suitability of the investments for you, and ASC will be paid on an hourly basis for its services.

ASC provides investment advisory services through personal Client contacts and interactions to invest, reinvest, direct, and manage your assets that are held in your account, and considering based on your investment goals and objectives, ASC has the ongoing responsibility to select or make recommendations as to specific securities or other investments that may be purchased or sold in the account.