Client Support

We Support Your Financial Interest

ASC is a fiduciary to our clients and their assets.  As a fiduciary, we maintain the highest level of care and interest for our clients and their assets which are under our management.  This fiduciary extends to all suitable recommendations advice that we provide to our clients.  We have our clients’ best interest in mind.  When managing your assets, ASC acts on your behalf with utmost honesty and integrity whether you are an individual or a business.


Experience the Difference

We do things the old fashion way:  we manage our clients’ accounts ourselves with direct and transparent contacts with them, and we tend not to outsource their assets.  Although our contract and company brochure provide for letting another registered/licensed investment advisor manage part of our clients’ assets, that would only take place on rare and special occasions.  Hence, we do our own economic, financial, and security analysis in-house, we come up with investment strategies based on current and upcoming economic cycles, and as we act as fiduciary to our clients and their assets, we have your best interest at all times.

Friendly Contact

Client Support

ASC provides friendly contacts with clients when they do business with us.  As the stock markets have their own ups and downs, clients may feel uneasy about the state of their investments.  ASC will have to accommodation for this as we do understand the effects of the stock markets’ fluctuations  on clients.

Premium Services

ASC provides Premium Services for all its clients regardless of how much of their assets are under ASC’s management.  Our Premium Services is not just limited to those clients whose assets under management with us is more than a certain high amount.  Instead, ASC’s clients are treated equally, and we apply no discrimination.